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If you are looking for the heaviest sounding Drum samples for your next track, then you're at the right place! The Serenity Drum sample pack is all you need for your next hit!

What you hear is what you get! No extra processing needed, just load them in Kontakt and you're good to go!

This pack includes both raw and mix-ready samples. These are Multi Velocity and Multi Hit samples. Multi mic option for each shell. Direct and Room samples for all and Bottom mic option for the Snares.

Boost up your live drum mix or your weak sounding MIDI drum tracks within seconds with the mix ready samples or play with the raw ones and shape them to your liking.

Programmed to be used with Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher. Separate WAV files are included [48k 24bit].

What you get:

2 Kicks [Raw samples and 6 different Mix-Ready options]
5 Snares [Raw samples and 6 different Mix-Ready options]
4 Toms [Raw samples and 5 different Mix-Ready options]
Cross stick Snare samples [Raw and Mix-ready]


Mix-Ready Samples [Drums Only]:


Raw Samples [Drums Only]: